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Make the best our of your smart meter data. Our services around data analytics, data visualization, local energy markets make your business processes ready for the digital era.

Our services

digital billing in local energy markets

new data-based revenue streams

open ecosystem for data services

compliant with StromVV

Our software platform enables your customers to share electricity with each other. The software platform calculates transactions and provides you with easy-to-access billing data for your internal data processing.

On our software platform you might offer data services to your customers. You decide which services you want to offer. They range from potential analyses for solar systems up to self-consumption optimization.

Our software platform is an open ecosystem for third party providers of services. With this, you are able to offer your customers data-based solutions while obeying Swiss regulation.

Swiss law requires energy providers to offer data visualization to their customers. Our software platform is fully compliant with this regulation.

9 out of 10 users would recommend their friends, neighbors and colleagues to participate in a local energy market.

Christian Dürr

CEO EW Walenstadt

"The Exnaton team did excellent in the Quartierstrom project. With their technical and analytical competencies they worked highly precisely and customer oriented. I am looking forward to our continued cooperation in 2020."


Irene Bättig


"The cooperation with Liliane, Anselma, and Arne was very pleasant: good explanations, prompt feedback, flexibility and thoughfulness were the basis for smooth communication work. The three also mastered media appearances with great professionality. We are looking forward to further joint projects."


Alain Brenzikofer

Supercomputing Systems

"It was a pleasure to work with this motivated team throughout the Quartierstrom project. They showed a high competence in the matters of digitization, blockchain, energy markets, and user interaction while also tackling the practical difficulties of such a real-life field project pragmatically."

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