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Insights on your electricity consumption

Sustainable electricity

Renewable electricity tariffs

Personalized potential analyses for solar systems

Our app visualizes your electricity consumption in real-time. This way, you are better informed and can base complex decisions such as whether you should buy a new heat pump on actual data.

Our software allows you to buy green electricity from your neighbor's solar systems. The electricity is not only green but also didn't have to get delivered over long distances.

Prices for electricity are based on the availability of locally produced energy. You may save costs by targeted consumption behavior.

Our algorithms judge whether your roof would be suitable for the installation of a solar system. Let our software analyze your consumption data and receive personalized recommendations for the optimal size of your solar system.

Additionally for producers

Find buyers

Advanced insights

Fast amortization

Automated self-consumption

Personalized potential analyses for battery storage systems and electric vehicles

Don't worry about surplus electricity. We market your surplus directly within the neighborhood. This way you are less dependent on governmental feed-in tariffs, you benefit from better prices, and you do good for the neighborhood.

Find our about your current production, self-consumption and self-sufficiency. The app shows you how to optimize these values.

Better prices in the local energy market allow you to amortize your initial investment faster.

Our algorithms optimize your self-consumption. Let our algorithms control your flexible loads.

Our algorithms show you how to use your produced electricity best. We simulate your self-consumption in scenarios with a battery storage system or electric vehicles and provide you with personalized investment recommendations.

Additionally for SMEs

Full cost transparency

Reduce your CO2 impact

Be informed about your current energy costs - anytime and anywhere.

Our app allows you to reduce your CO2 impact. See the impact and receive certificates.