9 out of 10 users would recommend their friends, neighbors and colleagues to participate in a local energy market.

Our software analyses smart meter data

Our foundation

high interval energy data

Our tools

software platform

Our expertise

local energy markets

Our goal

rapid transition to renewable energy

Energy data is collected by smart meters on a large scale. Utilizing this data in the right way, we can use renewable energy more efficiently.
We offer a data analytics engine and various visualization techniques for energy data. Our mission is making the best out of energy data instead of letting them rest on servers only.
Our flagship service is a local energy market - a billing tool for energy providers that allows their customers to exchange electricity directly. Our in-depth expertise gained in the Quartierstrom project - Switzerland's first local energy market - will help energy providers revolutionize their billing.
The future will be green - we are very sure of that. Our solution makes the energy transition financially more attractive for both, energy providers and their customers.

What is great about PowerQuartier?

For energy providers

The software platform for your data-based business models

For end-users

An app for households, photovoltaic owners, and small businesses that makes your energy data transparent and easy-to-understand